Twofit is the perfect place for you who like to workout and want to increase your network! The dating site is adapted to your needs to find other fitness friends. Here you can get in touch with other workout people, make new friends and search for others with equal interests like yourself.
Send messages, create your own groups, add photos / movies / music, and see how well you match others. Choose whether you want to publish in private or public.

Cheapest registration

Sign up today for only $2.99 per month! Yes, this is cheap and there are no hidden rules! This is to keep this site as real as it gets.

See if you match

Fill out your information and see how much you match others! The more you fill out, the greater the chance of a perfect match!

Safe datingsite

You have full control over your own account and can delete it whenever you want. Twofit use secure servers (SSL).

Benefits of being a member of Twofit

Become a member to join the forum, create groups, view other profiles +++. Read more about the benefits here.
Do I have full access to change my profile?

You have the opportunity to change your profile as often as you want, as well as username. You also have the option to be anonymous.

Can I save messages?

Your inbox is unlimited.

Can I post photos, movies and music?

You have the opportunity to post unlimited pictures, movies and music, either private or public.

Do I have full control over my own publications?

You have full control over whether your publications should be private or public.

Can I send private messages?

You have the ability to send private messages only between you and/or another.

Can I have unlimited contacts?

There are no limitations on how many contacts you can have.

Can I create my own groups with forums?

You have the freedom to create your own groups including forums, which means that others can start new forums in your group.

Can I see who is a member of my group?

You can see how many and who is a member of your group. You also have the freedom to remove members in your own group.

Can I easily become a member of other people’s groups?

Simply press the “Join group” button in the group you want to join.

Do I get notified when something is for me?

You will be notified when you receive a private message, or when someone answers your posts. You can also choose this yourself.

Can I search profiles and see if we match?

Anyone you apply for shows auto-match right away.

Do I have the opportunity to write more information about myself?

In your profile you can go to profile – change. Here you can fill out a whole lot about yourself.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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