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To participate in the forum, see other profiles, create groups +++, you have to be a member.
Here you can read about how to proceed from registration to participation in the forum.

If you’re new at Twofit and want to sign up, you can do it in 2 different ways: either with Facebook (requires you to have a Facebook account) or regular registration.

With Facebook account, Twofit retrieves your information, as well as profile picture automatically.
You do not need to use a password, your Facebook account becomes your identity.

With regular login, you must create a username and password. Read and check for “Terms & Conditions” before moving on. You will receive an email to your registered e-mail address, where you must accept the registration before continuing. Then you will be notified that your account is enabled and you can log in again.

Membership is only $2.99 per month!

Once you have joined and approved your account, you can change your profile. Have you signed in with Facebook you already have a profile picture. If you have logged in with username and password, you can post a new profile picture. Either way, you can add or change profile picture and wallpaper whenever you want.

How to add or change the profile picture

To change the profile picture, simply click on your profile picture and follow the simple steps.

How to change your profile information

Enter your profile, touch “profile” and “change”. Here you can change your “Base”, “Myself summary”, “Looking for”, “Lifestyle” and “Physical”.

Remember, the more you add, the easier it is for others to find you and get higher match scores.

How to create your media gallery

Enter your profile, press “Media” and follow the steps. Here you can add photo, movie or music album.

To respond or join a forum or topic, you must first join a group. You can be a member of as many groups you want.

If you see a forum or topic you want to respond to, simply press “JOIN GROUP”. Then you can ask and answer as much as you want.

In your own profile you will see how many and what groups you participate in.

You can create your own group by going to “Groups” and selecting “Create a group”. Then follow further information.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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