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Description of the website

Twofit is a dating site for all fitness and active people from the age of 16 and up.

By accepting the terms, you agree to join the forum and you are at least 16 years old. To terminate your membership, you´re self are responsible for deleting your own account.

Responsibility for content on the site

It is not permitted to post offensive, indecent, injuring, hateful, threatening or other types of material that may or may not be in violation of law or current regulations. Such posts will be deleted and the user will receive a warning.

Twofit assumes no responsibility for events, situations or financial loss caused by meetings or similar meetings between real life users. Twofit takes no responsibility for the person behind a profile, does not match the profile text or image (s).

Visitors who discover illegal material are advised to make Twofit aware of this to

You acknowledge that you will not attempt to circumvent the site’s security measures and to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and regulations when using the Site.

In case of suspicion that the site is used for criminal activities, relevant information may be forwarded to the police or other public authorities, cf. Personal Information Act § 8. Users suspected of being involved in such activities will be excluded with immediate effect.

You agree that Twofit has the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time. As a user, you approve all information you have entered to be stored in a database. Although this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, Twofit shall not be liable for any hacking attempts that may result in the data being compromised.


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Twofit reserves the right to use all materials posted on the website to promote and promote the website or stores on the site.

Use of the Twofit logo

It is permitted to use the Twofit logo in review and promotion of the site on blogs, forums, media, etc. It is permitted to use the Twofit logo in marketing your own products sold through or along with the Twofit website. It is allowed to use the Twofit logo in links to the site. It is not allowed to associate the logo or site with information that is not relevant to the site or violates law or current regulations. It is also not permitted to use the Twofit logo in marketing your own products that are not sold through or along with the site.

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